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I am so totally and completely sorry that I haven’t been here to talk/write with/for you guys! I’ve had a pretty stressful time lately and I totally forgot about this blog. How awful is that? But, over the time I’ve been away, I’ve actually gained followers. I know, whaaaaat? So to those of you I haven’t yet welcomed,


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Food For Thought

Hello hello hello hello hello

I’m sure that all eighteen of you have missed me immensely. Of course. So, earlier today, I was sitting in my room, watching Pretty Little Liars, (did I mention I’m totally obsessed? I also love Teen Wolf, because…. Dylan O’Brien… ❤ ), and my mum came into my room. My two sisters were both at a friend’s house, and they’d left a huge mess behind. Mum yelled “Ramonaaaaa!” and stormed into my room. Immediately, my dog, Bonnie*, jumped up and stood between us and growled at my mum. Bonnie loves my mum. But there she was, standing in a protective position, hackles up, ready to defend me, even though my mum is just as much Bonnie’s family as I am. (Although, I feed and walk Bonnie, and she sleeps in my bed, soooo….) It just got me thinking, like how far would we really go to protect the people we love? Would we turn on other people that we love to protect another who owns a place in our heart? Bonnie was ready to attack my mum for me, even though she loves her. Would we do that? Would I attack one of my sisters to protect the other? Would one of them hurt me?

But really, what would we do for one another? We read stories all the time about people covering up murders for others, and people helping others to escape the country. But what pushes us into doing these things? Is it love? Or is it something else? Often we cave under peer pressure and do things we normally wouldn’t. Perhaps this is like that. We get pressured by the people around us, and we feel like we have to live up to the expectations of love.

So I’ve already mentioned that I love books, and like millions around the world, that love extends to the Harry Potter series. But as much as I’ve planned Harry Potter tattoos and pulled all-nighters on Pottermore, I never knew this…..

Baby Harry in the Philosopher’s Stone is Albus Severus in The Deathly Hallows Part Two. 

Want to know why I never knew this? Probably because…… This is a LIE. After performing excessive research, (lol), I’ve discovered that the baby Harry is played by the Saunders triplets. (twins??). Albus Severus is played by Arthur Bowen. Arthur Bowen is sixteen, which means that when the first movie was being made, he was two. Did baby Harry look two to you? No. Tadaaa!

Wake up people. That would be far too cute for Harry Potter.

Let me know in the comments below…

What would you do for the people you love?

What’s the stupidest rumour you’ve heard about a book/movie you love?

What would you like to see me posting next?

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The Trap Of Materialism

We live in a society that promotes and encourages materialism, and repeatedly tells us that our successfulness and happiness depends on what and how much we own. Dictionaries tell us that materialism is “a tendency to consider material possessions and physical comfort as more important than spiritual values”, but it is becoming so much more than this as more and more people begin to value what they have over anything else. People say that money can’t buy happiness, and as overused as it is, it’s still true.

“It is the preoccupation with possessions, more than anything else that prevents us from living freely and nobly.” (Bertrand Russell, British philosopher, writer, mathematician and historian.) In this day and age, materialism takes part in everybody’s lives, no matter what social class we are. We have been convinced that we need to judge and that we are judged on what material things we have, and not on what we have accomplished in our lives or the state of mind we are in. In the process of striving to be better and bigger, we often turn on people, ruining important relationships with friends and family and ultimately leading us not to complete successfulness, but to loneliness.

We see celebrities wearing hundred dollar coats and driving thousand dollar cars and living in million dollar houses, and we feel jealously. Jealousy is basic human nature, and we can all feel it at some point. When we see our idols, the most well known people in the world doing things, we want to do it to, and we will go to any length to achieve Paris Hilton’s haircut and Taylor Swift’s outfit. What we as humans need to realise is that we don’t need to be like other people, we don’t need to have what other people have, we need to be us, we need to do the things that we love and we need to live the life we were born to without trying to gather more possessions and more belongings and more money and more things to show off.

People today are put in two categories. The winners, the people who went to university, have well paying jobs and shiny cars, are looked upon as more successful, when the others, the “losers” may not all be surgeons or actors, but they are often much happier with themselves, and put a lot less pressure on themselves and their families to succeed. In many of the world’s poorer countries, millions of people live in tiny grass huts with dirt floors, own little to nothing of their own and yet they are some of the happiest people alive. Meanwhile, we live in two story, five bedroom houses, own three cars and a private jet and we still want more. It has been psychologically proven that we as humans associate the amount of things we have with our happiness, and once we start accumulating more belongings, it becomes an addiction; we just want more and more and more. (The Guardian, 25/2/15)

Ultimately, what we are is not what we have. Many of the poorest countries on Earth are home to the happiest people. Our Australian society is one of the most materialistic, lazy and jealous in the world. Our children cry when they get the wrong device for Christmas, teenagers fuss over the brand name on their shoes and adults struggle to reach the highest and most prestigious position in their office so they can boast to their friends. We live in a society governed by materialism, and we are quickly becoming the least happy, least grateful and least generous country in the world.

I wrote this for a school essay and I think that it’s really true in today’s society.

stay strong and beautiful

xx R


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Anxiety & How It Can Hurt & How To Deal With It

The first thing I want to say is this:

Anxiety (and other mental disorders) are not something you need to be ashamed or afraid of. It affects around 1.3 million Australians. I am terrified of talking in front of a group of people. In the real world, I’m a very shy person. I stick to myself, and I don’t make friends easily. When I’m preparing to do something, like going in a car, my brain immediately starts playing me a loop of the worst possible thing that could happen. I see the car crash. I see the people in the car die. When this happens, I often stop breathing normally. My throat tightens up, my vision gets blurry, I feel sick and dizzy etc. This also happens when I have an exam, when I’m doing public speaking or when I have to talk to a cashier or a shop assistant. To many people, this will sound totally nuts and silly, but to many others, this is real life.

Last year, one of my elective subjects was French. I enjoyed the class, it was usually pretty quiet and calm, and the work was all very easy. One day, our teacher handed out sheets of paper with parts we needed to fill in. I had just received mine and had written in Je m’apple Ramona, when Madame informed us that we needed to memorise what we wrote on this sheet and say it all in front of the entire class. As soon as she said this, I felt a familiar tightening in my throat, and a buzzing in my ears. I ignored it. I could do this. That night, I recorded my speech on my phone and listened to it on repeat while I went to sleep. The next morning, I could say it flawlessly and my friend Katie* applauded for me on the bus. Fast forward one week, and I was so totally ready for that speech. I felt like I could say it in front of my entire school, until I found myself standing in front of twenty eight tired, bored and annoyed French students. I froze.

“Let’s go, Ramona.” Madame said, marking sheet at the ready.

“B-b-b-bonjour.” I began. I could feel sweat dripping down my back even though it was June. (Winter in Australia). My throat was tight, like there was something blocking off my airway. I could barely see. “Um, je, um, wait…”

I found myself coughing, trying to get rid of the tightness in my throat. I wished I hadn’t eaten so much porridge for breakfast. My school dress was sticking to my back.

Four times, I tried to say my speech. On the third, I heard a snicker from the back of the room. I heard the words stupid, dumb, idiot, retard. I tried a fourth time, and when I stuttered over my name, R-r-r-ramona, I heard the words again. I heard time-waster, moron, slow in the head. And then I fled. I flew out of the classroom, tears blurring my vision, barely breathing. I ran to the bathroom, where I threw up my porridge into the toilet. I sat on the ground, hearing the names floating around my head, tears dripping into my lap as I imagined the big E- that would appear on my report card. When the bell rang for the end of the period, I returned to the French classroom. Madame told me I could redo my speech, but only in front of her.

I got an A+ on my speech.

Sometimes it seems like it’s stupid, being afraid of things, and always imagining the worst possible scenarios and results. It’s hard, and it’s a lot of pressure, especially if you don’t have the support of the people around you. After getting my results back from the speech, I realised that Madame had understood, and if I had gone to her and explained beforehand, she would have helped and supported me. The names I was called still hurt today, and every time I see the people who were teasing me, the thing that goes through my head is you hurt me. 


Often it seems like our minds and fears will always get the better of us, but this isn’t true. There are many ways that we can help and overcome our anxiety issues.

Breathing Exercises: breathe in through your nose for four long seconds. Now, hold your breath for seven seconds, and then release the breath through your mouth, making it last for eight seconds. Do this four times, without any breaks. This helps to calm our fight-or-flight response in our brains when we encounter anxiety or panic. It works because when we start freaking out, our breaths become more shallow, which means that you’re not actually getting enough oxygen. When you breathe in for four seconds, you’re getting a lot of air into your body, and when you hold the breath for seven, all of that oxygen is having the time of it’s life getting into your bloodstream and beginning it’s journey. Then, when you breathe out for eight seconds, you’re ridding your lungs of all the captured carbon dioxide.

Visualise your stress: paint what’s stressing you out. Make an imaginary canvas in your mind, and paint it with the colours that you think represent what’s freaking you out. Take some time to do this, and concentrate fully on it. By the time you’ve finished, your breathing will be back to normal, and you’ll have a cool picture.

Meditation: I go to a Catholic school, and we do quite a bit of meditation. If you have the time, put on some calming music, lay down, and go to your happy place. This might be the beach, the bush or with family. Concentrate on breathing in and out slowly and calmly. Additionally, you could go to your happy place anywhere, whether you’re in a shopping centre and can’t remember where you put down your bags, or if you can’t reach your mum on the phone.

If you know someone who suffers from any form of anxiety, the worst thing you can do is pressure them. A few years ago, a “friend” of mine refused to come and ask for a drink with me at a cafe. After begging and begging, and having her say, “Ramona, grow up. Go and buy the stupid drink yourself, or I’ll tell everyone at school you can’t even buy your own drink.” Totally freaked, because I knew she would, I decided to suck it up, and I went to join the queue. Five seconds later, my throat was tight, and my vision went black. I had a full out panic attack in the middle of a cafe.

If you are a real friend, don’t push your anxious friend to “grow up”. Help them. You don’t know how appreciative they will feel when you say, “Sure, I’ll ask for you.”

If you feel like you might have anxiety, tell someone close to you. They might take you to see a counselor or psychologist, who will be really nice and can help you to understand what;s going on with you and why, and that you’re still completely normal and well. Don’t keep it bottled up.

If you think someone you care about is in danger of hurting themselves because of anxiety or any other mental issues or disorders, get them help. Tell your parents or their parents or a teacher.








stay strong and beautiful

xx R

My First Official Blog Post & The World Of Books & Anxiety Around Phones

Well. The first thing I am going to say is that my name is not Ramona Rigby. I want to keep this blog anonymous, so that I can talk and complain about anything I want without anyone I know finding it and laughing/teasing me about it. But anyway, I’m going to be the only one who really reads these, so it’s basically just a place to express my thoughts.

I’m a teenage girl living in the wonderful and oh-so-happy-and-free Australia. And this is what I think.

There is someone currently bombarding my home phone with calls. I would totally answer it, but there are two huge reasons why I can’t.

a) I have an anxiety disorder and I hate answering phones unless it’s my mum/dad/sister/auntie/grandma etc, and

b) I have no idea where the phone is.

Also, have you seen When A Stranger Calls? It’s awful. This girl is babysitting and the phone keeps ringing and it’s this creepy as guy… ugh.

Nighttime + babysitting + young girl + phone with annoying ringtone + psychotic guy = mighty fun time 

Anyway, I’m so glad it’s the holidays. Easter is probably my favourite holiday ever, because you can eat as much chocolate as you want, and no one can tell you not to. Plus, I have two little sisters, so the Easter Bunny is always around, which makes things 100x more fun.

Something else anyone reading this should know is that I love love love love love love love books. I spend most of my time reading. I’m not usually into the whole young adult contemporary romance genre, but lately I’ve become a total love & tears junkie.

“I like my books thicker than the bible and as fantastical as possible.” – my maths teacher.

So do I, Mr Math Teacher, so do I. By the way, shout out to my maths teacher for being the greatest and putting together music playlists for us! Like, what kind of teacher does that? A good one!

Anyway, I read The Fault In Our Stars by John Green when the movie came out, like every other girl in the world, and like everybody else, I had a little cry, because


😦 😦 😦 😦

And after that, I read Looking For Alaska (sniffle), and then Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell. Just saying, if you haven’t read every single one of Rainbow Rowell’s books, then you’re seriously putting yourself in danger. I’m not completely sure what kind of danger, but definitely danger. Lots of it. She’s brilliant. Also, she has the best name ever!

So I’m currently going through the YA CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE phase, and I LOVE it.

If you have any suggestions for me book-wise, please please please tell me. I’m losing it.

Also, if this blog thing really starts to work out, I’m totally going to start a Twitter and an Instagram account going by the name @ramonasroost ….. I’d better get on to that, and see if those names are available…….

Anyway, tell me what you think, what you’d like to see soon and what books I should read, and I’ll get back to you soon!

stay strong and beautiful

xx R

What Is Going To Go Down At Ramona’s Roost?

Hi, I’m Ramona. I’m a teenage girl from Australia, and I’ve been searching for a way to discover and express myself, and then I thought…

WHY NOT START A BLOG?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

So I did.

This blog is going to be about the stressful life of a teenager, but it’s also going to have some cute little quirks and some neat tricks and tips for you, to help you to deal with the ups and downs of teenager-hood. I’m going to help out my fellow anxious kids and OCD kids by giving you some cool techniques to help you to get your body and mind under control. I’m going to share my favourite recipes, my favourite ways to get through homework, assignments and exams, and I’m going to share my favourite fashion tips and clothing. I’m going to talk about books, movies, friends, depression and other mental disorders, family, boys, apps and animals.

I’m going to welcome you into my life.

Ramona out xx